Coinhound is your digital companion in the uncertain world of crypto that helps you make better decisions by sniffing out weaknesses and strengths buried deep within blockchain data.

It is a Web 3.0 data analytical dApp with powerful features that can help crypto investors and researchers achieve better results.

What is Coinhound?

Coinhound is a dApp (Decentralized Application) designed for crypto traders, investors and researchers alike. Coinhound collects blockchain data and transforms it into simple terms so crypto users can find opportunities and avoid adverse scenarios.

Risks of decentralization and its solution

Crypto investors can invest in crypto currencies through many different ways but the most reliable method is to invest directly in a project that is listed on a reputable exchange. Unfortunately, by the time a project is listed on a reputable exchange, it has already saturated enough that not much profit is left to be made.

Hence, investors look for more lucrative opportunities such as projects those are at a very early stage, often being offered on DEXs (Decentralized Exchange), but these projects come with a very high risk of fraud and scam purely because they are unvetted and the structure of holders is hard to understand. Some project owners provide audit reports but they are equally confusing. This is where Coinhound comes in, Coinhound collect, analyze and transforms the entire holders data in a crypto project and reveals potential opportunity or risk involved.

Who can benefit from Coinhound?

We intend Coinhound to be a platform that simply translates very complicated blockchain data into digestible terms for everyday crypto users but our dApp is far more powerful than that, we believe our dApp can reveal highly valuable information hidden deep with-in blockchain and crypto transactions and it can benefit anyone who is involved in blockchain technology or wishes to learn more about it.

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